Provident Fund
Our company has services of professional expert in maintenance, preparation and submission of following Records/Returns etc. as per the requirement under EPF& MP Act, 1952.

  Preparation of document required for registration of an establishment/factory under the Employees' Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act. 1952 and procuring Code Number.
  Preparation of Register of Eligibility of the employees.
  Completion of Return of Ownership in Form No. 5A.
  Preparing of details of employees in Form No. 9 (Revised).
  Completion of Nomination & Declaration Forms in Form No. 2 (Revised) of the employees.
  Preparation of declaration by the employees at the time of joining the company in Form No. 11(Revised).
  Bank Challan prepared for depositing contribution every month under the EPF.
  Preparation of Monthly return in Form No. 12-A and submission to the Authorities under EPF.
  Preparation of Monthly return in Form No. 5 under EPF
  Preparation of Monthly return in Form No. 10 under EPF
  Preparation of Form No. 3-A showing Monthly Contribution by the employees as well as employer under EPF
  Preparation of Annual Return in Form No. 6-A with details of the contribution by the employees and employer during the year
  Support in preparing the data of Annual Return according to the programmed format in Foxpro +"DBF" in a Floppy as per the requirement of the Authorities.
  Preparation of Monthly return in Form 7(IF) as per the requirement under the EDLI Scheme 1976.
  Support in preparing and completion of the documents required for PF withdrawal in Forms (19, 10C/10D) and assist employees in having settled
  Provide support to the employees in transfer of PF accumulation from one office to another completion of Form 13.
  Provide complete support in drafting the replies to the Correspondence from the P.F Department and liaision
  Provide support and assistance and attend PF Enforcement Officer for the purpose of inspection of records.Make appearance as a representative of the company before the Authority concerned in the event of the proceedings under section 7-A of the EPFand MP Act 1952.
  Keep an eagle eye on the changes and amendments carried out in the Act and provide timely guidance and support to the customers from time to time.