Payroll Processing
  Generating of Payroll Register in Excel / PDF / txt format along with salary withheld report based on the data received from the company.
  Maintaining Attendance record, Leave record, Salary wages registers etc. according to the requirement of statutory laws.
  Preparation of need based salary sheets keeping in view the requirement of the company by meeting the compliance of the statutory laws.
  Preparation of individual monthly salary slips and made available to the individual employees through e-mail.
  Preparation of the report for salary stop payment.
  Overtime, Bonus etc. calculated as per the requirement of the relevant law.
  Arrear of salary sheets are prepared.
  Preparation of PF / ESI / Professional Tax & Labour Welfare Fund payment every month for depositing by the companies.
  Preparation of Bank Transfer statements every month.
  Prompt service for preparing the documents for full & final settlement for ex-employees as required under the concerned labour laws.